Yellow Banks Grove From Brick Road to Hi-Tech…

Yellow Banks Grove in 1957 In 1951 when Yellow Banks Grove was opened we were located in a 500 square foot building. The street we were on was a 100 year old hand layed brick road. It took you through Orange Groves and ended at the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a 4 lane highway today. We squeezed juice by hand! Shipping orders were hand written or typed on old typewriters. Today it is all done by machinery or computers.
We expanded in 1963, 1966 and 1975. We had come from a 500 square foot building to over 12,000 square feet. We put the juice extractor in, in 1975 which changed our juice business forever. Over the years the groves were sold to developers who built homes and of course the population increased. With the population explosion came a greater demand for fresh fruit, juice etc. And so our business grew. Yellow Banks Grove Today
We expanded our retail store and in the early 90’s became completely computerized.We are located in a beautiful area and have greatly enjoyed our many years of serving our local customers as well as our seasonal residents and many tourists.

If you are ever in the area come by and see us.