Deluxe Packages

(left) Our Holiday Favorite.(right) Ole’ Timer Basket.

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Canadian Shipments:Add $30.00 per item. Canadian payments must be in U.S. Funds.

Discount Available for shipments of 25 to 5000 packages.
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Deluxe Packages
Citrus, Candies, and Marmalades
#1DX 1/4 Bushel Deluxe $53.95
With one 1/2 lb. Coconut Patties and one 8 oz. Marmalade
#2DX 1/2 Bushel Deluxe $ 70.95
With one 1/2 lb. Coconut Patties and two 8 oz. Marmalades
#3DX 3/4 Bushel Deluxe $ 79.95
With one 1/2 lb. Coconut Patties and two 8 oz. Marmalades
#4DX Full Bushel Deluxe $ 90.95
Extra Fancy Deluxe Packages
All packages listed below contain an extra Fancy Deluxe tray consisting of 8 oz. marmalade, honey, Pecan Log Roll, 8 oz. box of Coconut Patties, and one pound of taffy. All packed with Large Seedless Navel Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit.
#1DXF 1/4 Bushel Extra Fancy Deluxe $ 66.25
#2DXF 1/2 Bushel Extra Fancy Deluxe $ 79.25
#3DXF 3/4 Bushel Extra Fancy Deluxe $ 88.25
#4DXF Full Bushel Extra Fancy Deluxe $ 99.25
Ole’ Timer Basket
An Old Favorite Makes a Comeback – One-half bushel oranges and/or pink seedless grapefruit packed in this souvenir edition of the original grove basket used by citrus growers in years gone by. Deluxe includes one marmalade and one 8 oz. coconut patties.
2OT Navels and Reds…..$ 66.95
2OTD Deluxe with mixed citrus variety, one marmalade and 8 oz. coconut patties…$76.50